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Brief introduction of center

Quality Supervision and Testing of Maoming City, was established in June 2003, the former Maoming City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and counties (cities) product quality supervision, inspection, Maoming City, Measurement and Testing through the merger, with independent legal status Maoming Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision under the Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and legal metrology institutes, is a universal public welfare institutions. Total staff of 131 people, more than 75.4% of personnel with professional titles, 12 of whom have senior professional titles, 45 have intermediate professional titles and 44 junior professional titles. Equipped with seven specialized chamber of the food laboratory, chemical laboratory, electricity and plastic laboratory, building materials laboratory, weighing room, the balance mechanics, physics and chemistry room and the province's only a business range covering the whole province of Guangdong Province Gas products Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, a separate Chief Engineer, administrative, operational, production license examination and sub-centers of the four functions of management room. Now has an area of ??3366 square meters of office space.

Our main task is: by the higher authorities commissioned by the administrative district of product quality supervision and random inspection, periodic inspection; formulation, revision and Publicizing the work involved in product standards; commitment to product quality arbitration testing and consigned testing; guidance establish and improve the inspection system, the harmonization of testing methods, improve the detection means; entrusted by the relevant departments of the production of new products identification testing and outstanding product selection test, adopt standard acceptance testing and quality certification inspection; undertake other inspection work; bear the administrative district the highest measurement standards and public standards of measurement, research, create, save work; to carry out money transfer; implementation of metrological verification in accordance with the law, the mandatory test; metrological verification, standards, testing services; commissioned by the higher authorities, undertakes measurement quality control personnel technical training.

By more than 500 sets of testing instruments, including gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, microplate reader, mercury analyzer, dual channel atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, such as a number of advanced instruments and equipment. Measurement part 39 public standards of measurement of length, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and physical and chemical categories, measurement standards traceable to National Institute of Metrology of Guangdong Province and China Institute of Metrology, and passed the examination and testing of the legal metrology institutes. Equipment in the whole of the fixed assets over 350 million, including food inspection equipment, fixed assets over 150 million (more than 20 million of the two laboratory biosafety cost put into use in October 2006, an area of ??60 square meters). Establish a better quality management and quality assurance system to ensure the accuracy of the inspection and test results, impartiality. Metrological certification of Guangdong Province Quality and Technical Supervision and the examination and acceptance certificate of competency, with 29 categories, 341 kinds of products (including 119 kinds of food) detection capability, inspection and test certificate is legally binding.

In accordance with the provincial bureau "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" requirements, we intend to build petrochemical products Inspection Station in Guangdong Province, after the escalation of the National Petroleum and Chemical Products Testing Center to provide strong technical support to accelerate the product development of Maoming Petrochemical, testing business will gradually cover the western Guangdong.

National Quality Supervision and Inspection of dangerous chemicals Center (Guangdong)
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